Happy Women's day 2017 SMS Messages Collection in English 140 Characters

Women's day Messages/Women's day SMS/Happy Women's day 2017 SMS Messages Collection in English/Women's day 140 words, characters SMS Messages for facebook status.

Happy Women's day 2017 SMS Messages: International Women's day is on March 8th of every year and is celebrated worldwide as a Social and Welfare event. Every year on the same date, UN(United Nations) celebrate International Women's Day with Countries under it's policy such as Afghanistan, Algeria and many other small countries. It is an officially declared public holiday in many countries on International Women's day. In the year 1975, all the countries of United Nations had declared that March 8th of every year will be International Women's day. On this day we will send Beautiful, Powerful and Inspiring Women's day Messages and Women's day SMS Messages to all the Women we respect and care about. Many people are waiting for this day to send Happy Women's day Messages for mother, sister, wife and girlfriend.

Happy Women's day 2017 SMS Messages Collection in English with 140 words sms for fb, twitter, phone sms:

There are many quotes on women in our previous posts but all of those quotes are very long that would be suitable for fb status on timeline. But for twitter and phone sms, there is 140 words limit. So, below are some inspiring and special women's day sms messages collection in english that have only 140 characters/letters. All these messages and wishes are relevant and important quotes for Women' day.

Women's day messages with images collection
International Women's day sms messages

Happy Women's day 2017 Messages:

Here we have collected some of the best and inspiring Women's Day Messages which we can send to our Mother, Sister, Wife and Girlfriend. They are the 4 women's whom we respect more in our life. So we have wish them on every Women's Day. 

God gave women intuition and femininity.
Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.

May the soft whispers of your love
Echo sweet dreams forevers!
Wishing you a happy and blissful married life!
Happy Women's Day

A graceful woman gets strength from troubles,
smiles when distressed and grows even stronger with prayers and hope.
Wishing you a very happy women’s day,
so be grateful because today is your day!

The Little things that you do matter so much to me! Thanks.
Happy Women’s Day!

The birds will sing today, and I dedicate all their tunes for you.
The sun will shine, but its entire warm rays are yours.
For are you not part of this great nature.
Happy women’s day.

Women's day messages wallpaper for smart phone
Women's day message wallpaper for smart phone

A woman brings us on this earth,
She nurtures us day and night
She makes us what we are today,
We must together take an oath,
To help her nurture herself!

I think a while, when I smile,
It’s you, who has brought this smile,
From a long distance mile,
I am sending you a warm wish to delight,
With this I want to say that you are the most special person of your life!
Happy woman’s day

Happy Women’s Day to you
A wonderful person and a great friend.
It’s a blessing to have both of them in you!
A very Happy Women’s Day to you!

Dear Mom, you have always been there,
whenever I needed you the most.
You have always guided me and shown me the right path.
Happy Women's Day dear mother.

Happy Women's day 2017 SMS Collection:

Let us discuss the meaning behind a very famous quote that is "Behind every successful man there is a woman". In reality too, all the people in society think that the man worked hard thus he became successful. But women are the ones who motivate him to do it or they support him to get success. Woman is the only one who'll sacrifice her dream to fulfil your dream. It may be your Mother, Sister, Wife and Girlfriend. We have to respect all the women in this world. Send these Women's day sms to your dear ones.

I asked GOD 4 a Flower, He gave me a garden
I asked 4 a tree, He gave me a forest
I asked 4 a river, He gave me an ocean,
I asked 4 an angel, He gave me you!

Women is symbol of Shakti,
God’s finest & beautiful creation
without whom no creation is possible.
One who gives birth n nurtures.
Happy women’s day

Every Home,
Every Heart,
Every Feeling,
Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete without you,
Only you can complete this world.
Happy Women’s Day to all

Women's day sms wallpaper for whatsapp
Women's day sms images for whatsapp

By and large, mothers and housewives are
the only workers who do not have regular time off.
They are the great vacation-less class.
Watever u do, u do it wth grace,
style warmth & smile!
Happy Women's Day!

A woman wants a man to protect her like a daughter .
Love her like a wife.
And respect her like a mother

Hope all you liked all the above Women's Day Messages wishing all the women's in the world "Happy Women's Day".


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