Learn to Say Happy Women's day in Different/Many/All Languages including Indian languages

how to say women's day in all languages
Women's day 2017 in different languages
Women's day in different languages/How to say Happy Women's day in different languages/Happy International Women's day wishes in other languages, all and many languages/Happy Women's day in French, Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Nepali and Chinese languages

Women's day wishes in different languages: Women's Day is celebrated on march 8th every year. It is celebrated with very much enthusiasm and happiness in the countries of US, India, UK and Nepal. Women are very great beings of the world that show love, care, sympathy and sacrifice towards things they love. The word Women has a respect, appreciation and struggle towards the the Social awareness and political ambitions of the society. Women's contribution to this world is very big that it runs the nation as many Women serve as Prime Ministers and Presidents in many states and countries. On the eve of Women's Day, every one in the celebration parades wear purple bands to their wrist in many parts of Asia and America. As, Women's day is of such worldwide heritage and many countries celebrate this event, there are many ways to say women's day in every language. So, learn How to Say Happy Women's day in different languages by seeing and learning below.

How to say Happy International Women's day in different languages with Women's day wishes in Telugu, Hindi:

On this eve, it is declared as a holiday in some countries due to the infamous accident that happened to the women workers in New york city in the year 1909. International Women's Day is celebrated  all over the world with respect and pride and is very popular among teens and youth. Everyone wish their mother, wife, sister, gf and their teacher this day.

English  Happy Women's day
Albanian Dita e grave Gëzuar
Catalan dia de la dona feliç
French joyeuse journée de la femme
Dutch fijne Vrouwendag
Indonesian Selamat Hari Wanita
Arabic yawm almar'at saeidat l
Malagasy sambatra ny vehivavy ny andron'i
Bengali নারী
Chinese Simplified 妇女
Chinese Traditional 婦女
Gujarati સ્ત્રીઓ
Hindi महिलाओं
Malayalam സ്ത്രീകൾ
Nepali महिला
Sinhala කාන්තා
Tamil பெண்கள்
Telugu మహిళలు
Thai ผู้หญิง
Urdu خواتین

So, send wishes your own preferred language to your loved ones and this post is about How to say Happy Women's day in different languages including Women's day wishes in Telugu, Hindi languages.


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